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A digestive aid for horses and ponies grazing on sandy pastures.

Sand-Out contains multi-active fibre that encapsulates dirt and sand, supported by effective system lubricants, helping it to pass through the digestive system.

Sand-Out is non-abrasive and gentle on the system and assists normal digestive activity.

Key ingredients are Psyllium Seed Husk and Cane Molasses.

A veterinary surgeon may also recommend Sand-Out in other situations, and will advise accordingly.

Available in 2.2kg ( 2 x 7 day course)


For an average 500kg horse,  feed 160g (2 x 80g measures) daily with the horse's feed for one week, then leave for 21 days.  Repeat as required or advised by a vetrinary surgeon.  Feed according to bodyweight, less for smaller horses or ponies and more for larger breeds. 



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