Training Aids

Shires Fleece Lined Cavesson
£26.25 inc VAT
Shires Web Lunging Roller
Shires Web Lunging Roller
Web training aid
£36.99 inc VAT

Shires Nylon Fleece Roller
£27.99 inc VAT
Kincade Lunging Training SystemKincade Lunging Training System
Kincade Lunging Training System
Training Aid Based on Pessoa System
£49.99 inc VAT

Kincade Elastic / Leather Side Reins
£32.99 inc VAT

Kincade Adjustable Nylon Side Reins
£16.99 inc VAT
Ascot Super Grip Running / Draw ReinsAscot Super Grip Running / Draw Reins
Ascot Super Grip Running / Draw Reins
Wet Weather Running Reins
£44.80 inc VAT

Shires Cotton Web Draw Reins
£21.00 inc VAT
Stephen's Rope and Leather Draw / Running Reins
£84.65 inc VAT

Shires Blenheim Market HarboroughShires Blenheim Market Harborough
£38.99 inc VAT
Shires Elastic Training Reins
Shires Elastic Training Reins
This elastic training aid made from 6mm tubular elastic with adjustment on the poll. Easy to fit, the elastic passes through the bit and clips on to either the saddle D-rings or girth. Black Only. SIZE: ...
£9.20 inc VAT

Shires Nylon Daisy Rein
£10.20 inc VAT
Stephen's Running / Draw Reins
Stephen's Running / Draw Reins
Leather Running Reins
£71.30 inc VAT