Travel Boots / Tail Guards

Equestrian Wash-Bag
Must Have
Equestrian Wash-Bag
Prevent damage to your washing machine from loose horse hair. Suitable for washing numnahs, rugs, coolers, fly rugs, girths, boots, bandages and pads. Large Orange bag. Dimensions: 58 x 75cm (We recommend you use the wash bag with Le Mieux Cactus Wash Balls.)
£16.55 inc VAT
HY Elastic Tail BandageHY Elastic Tail Bandage
HY Elastic Tail Bandage
Tail Protection
£3.50 inc VAT

Professional's Choice Tail WrapProfessional's Choice Tail Wrap
Professional's Choice Tail Wrap
A Professional's Choice best-seller, the TailWrap is great for protecting horses' tails in the trailer, stall, pasture or during breeding. It protects better than other tail wraps because of its unique padded half cone. This padding protects the very top tail hairs from rubbing and fraying. And, with a non-slip lining and three adjustable hook fasteners, the TailWrap will stay in place where it's needed...
£26.60 inc VAT
Shires Neoprene Tail Guard
Shires Neoprene Tail Guard
Great value tail guard made from neoprene with touch and close fastening.
£12.25 inc VAT

Shires Quick-Grip Tail BandageShires Quick-Grip Tail Bandage
Shires Quick-Grip Tail Bandage
A simple idea but such a help when bandaging a tail.
£7.15 inc VAT
Shires Tail BagShires Tail Bag
Shires Tail Bag
Protect your horse's tail while on the move Perfect for grey or coloured horses to keep white tails clean while travelling
£13.99 inc VAT

Woof Wear Tail BagWoof Wear Tail Bag
Woof Wear Tail Bag
Quick to put on and easy to clean this bag will save you time and effort. Successfully keeping your horse's tail clean and tangle free during travel or for showing. Adjustable flap which allows the tail to hang freely or be fully enclosed Easy to clean Keeps clean and tangle free. Must be attached to a Woof Wear Guard
£8.99 inc VAT
Woof Wear Tail GuardWoof Wear Tail Guard
Woof Wear Tail Guard
Great protection
£19.99 inc VAT

Weatherbeeta Deluxe Travel BootsWeatherbeeta Deluxe Travel Boots
Weatherbeeta Deluxe Travel Boots
Strong leg protection for transporting horses and ponies
£81.99 inc VAT
Woof Wear Hock Boot
Woof Wear Hock Boot
Leg Protection
£28.00 inc VAT

Woof Wear Travel BootsWoof Wear Travel Boots
Woof Wear Travel Boots
Travel Protection
from £66.00 inc VAT
Woof Wear Travel Poll GuardWoof Wear Travel Poll Guard
£22.00 inc VAT

Professional's Choice Magnetic Hock Boots
Professional's Choice Magnetic Hock Boots
Magnetic Hock Boots Professional's Choice has long been an innovator in the equestrian market and a dedicated proponent for the advancement of equine comfort. Magnetic Hock Boots can help ease pain and aid recovery by alleviating stiffness and swelling. Building on the company's years of experience, Professional's Choice has harnessed the therapeutic and healing benefits of magnetic therapy with a...
£64.95 inc VAT