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British Made Gin

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Why British Polo Gin?

British Polo Gin was launched in 2016 by father and son team Nick and Richard Hine. The family have a pedigree of top level polo players. Richard retired from playing polo full time and sold his top polo mares, Snowball and Spice to launch British Polo Gin. The name harks back to the popularity of gin with polo players since the first polo match in 1859 featuring British Officers in India.

What's so special about BPG?

With many gins already available, British Polo Gin is exceptionally different and different for the right reasons. The standout aspects of BPG is that it is 100% organic, distilled in small batch releases of just 150 bottles per distillation, is 4-times distilled and has an alcohol content of 42.7%. This combination makes an exceptionally smooth and rounded gin. The organic aspect of British Polo Gin is a real selling point and is exceptionally rare in today’s market. The base alcohol is distilled from sugar beet which is highly unusual and gives British Polo Gin the light and flavoursome taste that it is fast becoming recognised for.

Additionally, the subtle blend of botanicals twinned with the above means that British Polo Gin does not have the 'punch' which is all too often present with many mainstream gins on the market. British Polo Gin can be enjoyed 'on the rocks', (which we believe is almost unique for a gin); or taken in a gin & tonic garnished strawberry and basil, or enjoyed simply as a traditional gin & tonic. Interestingly, as well as appealing to gin-lovers, British Polo Gin has also been successful in converting 'non-gin' drinkers. 

The Perfect Pour:

Deploy into the Chukka Cocktail, a boozy old fashioned lemonade that is British Polo Gin’s take on the classical Tom Collins.


British Polo Gin

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British Polo GinBritish Polo GinBritish Polo GinBritish Polo Gin



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