Heiniger Handy

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The Heiniger Handy is everything you will need from a mains clipper.

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The Heiniger Handy is everything you will need from a mains clipper. The quality of this Swiss engineered machine is second to none and has changed very little over the years. 

These machines have been seen as the benchmark in medium power horse clippers for many years now and as the motor, cutting head and blades have been designed with each other in mind, the smoothness of the clipper is remarkable. 

The 120 watt motor gives the blades with maximum power at all times allowing the blades to cut at 3200 strokes per minute making the Handy one of the fastest clippers on the UK market. At 1.2kgs it is fairly light for it's class and has a very well balanced motor so it's not going to make your wrists ache.

The only changes made to the Heiniger Handy over the years are the lower noise level and reduced vibration make this one of our most popular mains machines.

It comes in a strong plastic carry case with a brush, standard blade and oil.

  • Spare Blades Available: Fine,Medium & Course
  • Alternate Blades : Heiniger
  • Blade Tensioning Reqd: Yes
  • Well Ballanced: Yes
  • Cable Length: 5m
  • Warrenty: Two Year
  • CE Rated: Yes
  • Use : Professional / light duty
  • Wattage : 120w
  • Weight : 1.2kgs
  • Lenght : 11 in
  • Strokes : 3200 per minute
  • Air Filters: Yes
  • Cutting Speed : 1


Heiniger Handy

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Heiniger HandyHeiniger Handy



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