Dawnay Saddles

Dawnay Saddles

Along with renowned saddlers Berney Brothers of Ireland, Sebastian has been designing and developing the Dawnay Pro saddle. 

For three generations of polo players, the Dawnay family have always used Berney’s saddles for their comfort, quality and sustainability, so much so that when Sebastian first started playing professionally in England he used his grandfather’s Berney’s saddles that he had inherited from his father Major Hugh Dawnay. Sebastian's grandfather Major General David Dawnay reached an impressive 7 goal handicap and captained the Great Britain Olympic team when polo was last played in 1936. Sebastian's father Major Hugh Dawnay, well renowned polo author of 'Polo Vision' and 'Playmaker Polo' used Berney's saddles both playing professionally and for teaching students in his polo school. 

Sebastian Dawnay has played successfully for numerous high goal teams over the past 19 years and won a number of illustrious trophies internationally. Sebastian has achieved a 5 goal rating outside and holds an 8 goal arena polo handicap.  He has captained both England and Ireland internationally, for both outside and arena polo.

Last year, shortly after the passing of Major Hugh Dawnay, Berney Brothers of Ireland honoured the polo playing family by creating The Dawnay Polo Saddle; A beautifully crafted black leather polo saddle.

Sebastian and his father had countless conversations over the years about how they could achieve a saddle that incorporated maximum horse comfort with the ability to enhance polo player performance and now, together with Berney's their dream has become a  reality and the Dawnay Pro Polo Saddle has been created. The Dawnay Pro saddles have been designed for half-seat comfort and to increase a more secure hitting platform whilst keeping your horse relaxed and happy.

Sebastian now use these incredible saddles for both arena polo during the winter months and on grass, over the summer. Sebastian said “As far as I’m concerned they are the best saddles I have ever played in and my horses love them too. Coaching students on their hitting platforms and riding positions has become even easier as the comfort in  the half seat of Dawnay Pro acts as an aide by outlining this 


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