Fly Hoods / Veils

Ergonomic Fly VeilErgonomic Fly Veil
Ergonomic Fly Veil
The fly veil that you didnt know you needed!
£17.99 inc VAT
Schockemohle Sports Fly VeilSchockemohle Sports Fly Veil
Schockemohle Sports Fly Veil
This stylish crocheted fly veil has elastic ears, with an added crocheted edge detail. It comes with thee small ropes for fixing it to the bridle and letter embroidery on the ear. Available in Moonlight Blue, Asphalt and Sapphire Full Size
£26.95 inc VAT

Le Mieux Acoustic Fly HoodLe Mieux Acoustic Fly Hood
Le Mieux Acoustic Fly Hood
Acoustic Ears! Soften Sound & Improve Performance.
£34.99 inc VAT
Le Mieux Signature Fly HoodLe Mieux Signature Fly Hood
£24.95 inc VAT