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Lister Eclipse Cordless ClippersLister Eclipse Cordless Clippers
Lister Eclipse Cordless Clippers
The Lister Eclipse Cordless Clippers are a compact design with an ultra-slim body. This makes for easy manoeuvring around the horses body, allowing users to freely move in even the most difficult of places.
£470.25 inc VAT
Liveryman Black Beauty ClippersLiveryman Black Beauty Clippers
£430.00 inc VAT

Heiniger HandyHeiniger Handy
Heiniger Handy
The Heiniger Handy is everything you will need from a mains clipper.
£460.25 inc VAT
Liscop Profi Line Clippers
£439.00 inc VAT

Liveryman ClassicLiveryman Classic
Liveryman Classic
The Liveryman Classic clipper is has a high efficiency brushless motor with 10,000 hours of life. 2.5 hours of charging allows 3.5 hours of use. The sharp ceramic and titanium coated adjustable blade can be set to 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 2mm, making it highly versatile. Also included are a carry case, a charger stand, a 12V power adapter, 4 combs (3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm), oil and a cleaning brush....
Liveryman Harmony Plus ClippersLiveryman Harmony Plus Clippers
Liveryman Harmony Plus Clippers
Comes in plastic case complete with a set of wide blades, oil & brush.
£249.95 inc VAT

Wahl Pocket ProWahl Pocket Pro
Wahl Pocket Pro
The Wahl Pocket Pro is a battery operated trimmer.
£13.25 inc VAT
Smart Tails
Smart Tails
Plastic Handle/Fixed Blade. These revolutionary mane and tail thinners are the only product on the market that actually THIN thick manes and tails, and give the pulled look without discomfort. A full tail can be transformed to a "pulled" tail ready for the show ring in minutes. - Guaranteed to work on the most sensitive of animals. - Made from high quality Scandinavian steel and manufactured in Germany. This...
from £18.20 inc VAT

Smart Tails (Professional)Smart Tails (Professional)
Smart Tails (Professional)
Revolutionary mane and tail thinners.
from £27.95 inc VAT
Smart Tails replacement headsSmart Tails replacement heads
Smart Tails replacement heads
Replacement blades are available for Smart Tails Professional. Available in 4 grades - Superfine/Fine/Medium/Coarse. Blades are easy to change by loosening and removing the nut and bolt on one end. It is best to change the blade on a flat surface so that it is realigned correctly. Blades can be replaced or interchanged to different grades as necessary using a small spanner.
from £13.15 inc VAT

Lister Clipper Blades
Lister Clipper Blades
Lister blades have two patented features not found on other blades  Self clearing allowing the hair to be swept away from the cutting teeth   Ribbing on the back of the blades to increase stiffness and reduce weight. 
from £60.60 inc VAT
Liveryman Clipper Blades
Liveryman Clipper Blades
High quality blades to fit liveryman and Liscop machines.  Also compatable with Wolsey machines
from £58.55 inc VAT

Gold Label Clipper Oil 500ml
Gold Label Clipper Oil 500ml
Gold label clipper oil suitable for all types of machine.
£6.75 inc VAT
Gold Label Aerosol Clipper Oil 200ml
Gold Label Aerosol Clipper Oil 200ml
Gold label clipper oil suitable for all types of machine.
£6.55 inc VAT

Clippersharp Fine Clipping Oil
Clippersharp Fine Clipping Oil
Keeps your clipping machine in peak condition. (Helps prevent infection).
£7.45 inc VAT
Liveryman Clipper Oil
Liveryman Clipper Oil
Clipper oil designed for use with all clippers.
£5.30 inc VAT

Liveryman Clipper Blade Wash
Liveryman Clipper Blade Wash
A specially formulated blade wash for the cleaning of all clipper blades.
£5.70 inc VAT