Avatar's JazzmanAvatar's Jazzman
Avatar's Jazzman
£48.55 inc VAT
Breyer Best Of British Foal Set Thoroughbred & Hackney
£45.99 inc VAT

Breyer Catch MeBreyer Catch Me
Breyer Catch Me
  Holsteiner gelding Catch Me bounced back from botulism to bring home wins at the 2015 Hampton Classic, Capital Challenge, and Pennsylvania National shows with his rider Scott Stewart.  
£60.99 inc VAT
Breyer Classics English Horse And RiderBreyer Classics English Horse And Rider
Breyer Classics English Horse And Rider
English horse and rider set.
£47.99 inc VAT

Breyer Encore & Tor Gift SetBreyer Encore & Tor Gift Set
Breyer Encore & Tor Gift Set
Filmmaker Ginger Kathrens has documented the mustangs of Montana’s Pryor Mountains for decades, including the palomino stallion Cloud and his family. 
£70.49 inc VAT
Breyer Jet & English Rider CharlotteBreyer Jet & English Rider Charlotte
Breyer Jet & English Rider Charlotte
This fun set includes Jet, a black Thoroughbred horse with silky, brushable black and navy hair, and Charlotte, a 5.75” articulated English rider. 
£38.49 inc VAT

Breyer Le Mer Unicorn Of The SeaBreyer Le Mer Unicorn Of The Sea
Breyer Le Mer Unicorn Of The Sea
While the unicorns of the land attract the most attention, sea unicorns like Le Mer quietly keep watch over their oceanic realms, only occasionally racing the waves to the shore.  
£27.99 inc VAT
Breyer Morganquest Native SunBreyer Morganquest Native Sun
Breyer Morganquest Native Sun
Many breeders aspire to create their dream horse, researching bloodlines and conformation in hopes of finding the perfect combination. MorganQuest Native Sun, a striking dark chestnut Morgan stallion, is one of those dreams brought to life.
£57.99 inc VAT

Breyer Obsidian Unicorn StallionBreyer Obsidian Unicorn Stallion
Breyer Obsidian Unicorn Stallion
Obsidian Unicorn Stallion
£73.99 inc VAT
Breyer Red Velvet Decorator Horse
Breyer Red Velvet Decorator Horse
The Breyer bakery has whipped up a decadent new treat: Red Velvet!
£35.99 inc VAT

Breyer Spanish Mustang FamilyBreyer Spanish Mustang Family
Breyer Spanish Mustang Family
Set includes 3 horses (stallion, mare, and foal), 6 pieces of fencing, water trough, water bucket, feed bag, and bag of feed.  
£63.99 inc VAT
Breyer Tiz The Law ThoroughbredBreyer Tiz The Law Thoroughbred
Breyer Tiz The Law Thoroughbred
Thoroughbred Tiz The Law Racehorse.
£59.99 inc VAT

Makayla-Schooling Rider
£24.50 inc VAT
Winx Champion Australian RacehorseWinx Champion Australian Racehorse
Winx Champion Australian Racehorse
£53.10 inc VAT