Casablanca Polo

Casablanca Polo

Casablanca is a leading brand in specialist polo helmets. Casablanca is always innovating to make your polo headgear safer and more comfortable. Some of the key features are lightweight helmets, flexible peaks which can absorb the impact of a fall and the max flow air system which keeps the interior cool. They also offer a full range of other polo gear including, but not limited to, gloves, boots, clothing and knee pads. Browse and buy online today with Tally Ho Farm. 

Casablanca Polo Overgirth / Surcingle
Casablanca Polo Overgirth / Surcingle
Nylon and leather surcingle.
£55.00 inc VAT
Casablanca Skid BootsCasablanca Skid Boots
Casablanca Skid Boots
The Casablanca D3o Shock Absorbing Skid Boots.
from £140.00 inc VAT

Casablanca Technical Polo JeansCasablanca Technical Polo Jeans
Casablanca Technical Polo Jeans
Men's & Women's Polo Jeans. Designed for use on and off the pitch.  Sizes 26" - 40"
£179.55 inc VAT
Casablanca Polo Gloves
Casablanca Polo Gloves
Technical Polo Gloves designed with the polo player in mind. Water resistant, breathable material
£73.50 inc VAT

Casablanca Kit Bag
Casablanca Kit Bag
The Casablanca personal kit bag is large enough to take a helmet and kneepads along with your playing kit. DIMENSIONS: 65x40x35cm
£160.00 inc VAT
Casablanca Boot BagCasablanca Boot Bag
Casablanca Boot Bag
The Casablanca boot bag is the perfect bag for your boots.
£120.00 inc VAT

Casablanca Face GuardCasablanca Face Guard
Casablanca Face Guard
Black plastic covered steel guard. Fits all helmets.
£68.25 inc VAT
Casablanca New Polo BootsCasablanca New Polo Boots
Casablanca New Polo Boots
Casablanca Polo Boots are Premium Polo Boots. They are designed to slide easily into stirrups without snagging.
£795.00 inc VAT

Casablanca Polo Knee PadsCasablanca Polo Knee Pads
Casablanca Polo Knee Pads
Black or Brown Casablanca polo knee pads
£265.00 inc VAT
Casablanca Replacement Knee Pad Velcro
Casablanca Replacement Knee Pad Velcro
Casablanca replacement kneepad velcro strap.
£20.00 inc VAT

Casablanca Polo Whip - Leather Grip / CapCasablanca Polo Whip - Leather Grip / Cap
Casablanca Polo Whip - Leather Grip / Cap
Casablanca leather grip Polo whip. Strong whip made from a shaft covered with nylon.
£52.50 inc VAT
Casablanca Polo Whip - Leather Grip / Metal CapCasablanca Polo Whip - Leather Grip / Metal Cap
Casablanca Polo Whip - Leather Grip / Metal Cap
Metal cap premium whip.  Strong and flexible.
£63.00 inc VAT

Casablanca Hard Shell Elbow PadsCasablanca Hard Shell Elbow Pads
Casablanca Hard Shell Elbow Pads
Hard Shell Elbow Pads are a good alternative for those looking for some extra protection.
£195.00 inc VAT
Casablanca Polo Socks
Casablanca Polo Socks
Casablanca's Compress Polo Socks. Provides relief from feeling tired and aching legs. Improves blood circulation. Prevents injuries
£36.75 inc VAT

Casablanca Polo Wrist Bands
Casablanca Polo Wrist Bands
Casablanca Polo Wrist Bands
£15.75 inc VAT
Casablanca Ladies Zipper Front Boots
Top quality hand made one strap polo boots.  Cutting edge boot with elegance and style.  Designed and worn by players to give that added competitive edge. 
Was £581.00 Now £349.00 inc VAT

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