Krono Polo

Krono Polo

Founded by Camila Mejia Posada, Krono Polo has quickly established itself as a globally recognised brand. True polo brand producing sports equipment, saddlery and lifestyle hype products.

We are manufacturing equipment and clothing for the sport of Polo and our brand is worn by some of the best Polo Players in the world.

Krono Polo brings together a modern & sporting lifestyle whilst challenging the traditional approach of Polo.

Our objective is to ensure that Krono Polo offers the safest helmets and protective equipment for Polo, but also great quality clothing to be worn on and off the field.

Krono Grey Camo HoodieKrono Grey Camo Hoodie
£120.00 inc VAT
Krono Kit BagKrono Kit Bag
Krono Kit Bag
Pack it up, pack it in..........
£120.00 inc VAT

Krono Polo Elbow PadsKrono Polo Elbow Pads
Krono Polo Elbow Pads
Protect your Humorous!
£75.00 inc VAT
Krono Polo GlovesKrono Polo Gloves
Krono Polo Gloves
Get a grip!
£33.00 inc VAT

Krono Polo Socks
Krono Polo Socks
Ideal footwear for professional and amateur polo players.
£20.00 inc VAT
Krono Polo WhitesKrono Polo Whites
Krono Polo Whites
Get in the saddle.
£85.00 inc VAT

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