Schockemöhle Sports

Schockemöhle Sports

Schockemohle Viola Jacket
Schockemohle Viola Jacket
Comfortable, quilted jacket with Dupont filling, this limited edition jacket is available now! Featuring a fitted shape, and a collar with concealed hood inside, the Viola Jacket is essential for all weathers this season. Water repellent with elastic binding at the bottom of the sleeves and bottom hem, and zippered pockets means protection from wet weather. The design is finished off with a decorative...
£119.95 inc VAT
Schockemohle Fiona Polo ShirtSchockemohle Fiona Polo Shirt
Schockemohle Fiona Polo Shirt
The polo shirt is a timeless classic amongst riders. This edition to the Schockemohle Spring/Summer 2020 collection hints at a feminine touch, which is provided by the Schockemohle logo on the chest made of sparkling crystals and elegant rhinestones at the seam. Featuring a rib collar and cuffs which are designed to flatter any outfit.
£54.95 inc VAT

Schockemohle Sports Baila Beanie PearlsSchockemohle Sports Baila Beanie Pearls
£27.95 inc VAT
Schockemohle Sports Double Baila BeanieSchockemohle Sports Double Baila Beanie
Schockemohle Sports Double Baila Beanie
A simple yet sleek beanie
£23.95 inc VAT

Schockemohle Sports Sporty SocksSchockemohle Sports Sporty Socks
Schockemohle Sports Sporty Socks
A sporty style riding sock
£11.50 inc VAT
Schockemohle Berlin BridleSchockemohle Berlin Bridle
Schockemohle Berlin Bridle
Quality Leather Bridle
from £84.95 inc VAT

Schockemohle Concord Anatomic BridleSchockemohle Concord Anatomic Bridle
Schockemohle Concord Anatomic Bridle
Quality Anatomical Bridle
from £219.00 inc VAT
Schockemohle Equitus Alpha BridleSchockemohle Equitus Alpha Bridle
Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Bridle
Quality Bridle Curved Cavesson
from £219.00 inc VAT

Schockemohle Mannheim BridleSchockemohle Mannheim Bridle
Schockemohle Mannheim Bridle
Quality Leather Bridle
from £69.95 inc VAT
Schockemöhle Hamburg BridleSchockemöhle Hamburg Bridle
Schockemöhle Hamburg Bridle
A dashing addition to the Schockemöhle bridle range. The Hamburg is an ultra classic style, providing comfort with a padded headpiece and durable noseband (with flash attachment). With subtle rhinestones along the browband, this bridle adds a touch of elegance to any horse or pony. Available in black leather, with silver metalwork, in both Cob and Full sizes.
£79.50 inc VAT

Schockemöhle Madrid Bridle
Schockemöhle Madrid Bridle
The eye catching Madrid Bridle sports a wide, comfort fit crank noseband with a sparkling browband of large crystal rivets: sure to catch any eye! Whether that's in the show ring, or a casual ride out, this bridle is sure to turn heads. Available in black leather with silver metalwork, this bridle comes in both Cob and Full sizes.
£129.00 inc VAT
Schockemohle Sports Neo Star PadSchockemohle Sports Neo Star Pad
Schockemohle Sports Neo Star Pad
This cotton saddle cloth is stylish for you and comfortable for your horse. It has moisture wicking properties meaning that the sweat is taken away quickly. It has shock absorbing abilities so that it is more comfortable and benefical for your horse with a anatomic back line. Available in Moonlight blue, Asphalt Jump or Dressage Full size only
£39.95 inc VAT

Schockemohle Sports Kosma Chrome Dressage Pad
Schockemohle Sports Kosma Chrome Dressage Pad
Dressage Shaped Saddle Pad With A Touch of Sparkle!
£64.50 inc VAT
Schockemohle Marja Fleece Bandages
Schockemohle Marja Fleece Bandages
Fleece Polo Bandages
£29.95 inc VAT

Schockemohle Sports Fly VeilSchockemohle Sports Fly Veil
Schockemohle Sports Fly Veil
This stylish crocheted fly veil has elastic ears, with an added crocheted edge detail. It comes with thee small ropes for fixing it to the bridle and letter embroidery on the ear. Available in Moonlight Blue, Asphalt and Sapphire Full Size
£26.95 inc VAT
Schockemohle Nylon Xenia HalterSchockemohle Nylon Xenia Halter
Schockemohle Nylon Xenia Halter
Crystal Decorated Headcollar
£38.85 inc VAT

Schockemohle Sports catch style leadropeSchockemohle Sports catch style leadrope
Schockemohle Sports catch style leadrope
A soft leadrope with a snap hook that is durable One size Available in Moonlight blue with sapphire and asphalt with rose
£10.95 inc VAT
Schockemohle Sports Memphis Head collarSchockemohle Sports Memphis Head collar
Schockemohle Sports Memphis Head collar
A soft nylon head collar with fleece padded head piece and nose band. The shockemohle logo is woven on the noseband with stylish colours that are eye catching. Available in Asphalt, Sapphire, Asphalt with rose stripes and Moonlight blue. Sizes: Pony, Cob and Full
£28.50 inc VAT

Schockemohle Sports Memphis Safety Head CollarSchockemohle Sports Memphis Safety Head Collar
Schockemohle Sports Memphis Safety Head Collar
A soft nylon/leather mix head collar with fleece padded head piece and nose band. The shockemohle logo is woven on the noseband. Stylish colours that are eye catching. Saftey catch. Available in Asphalt and Moonlight blue. Sizes: Cob and Full
£32.50 inc VAT
Schockemohle Sports Page Style
A warm yet breathable base layer
Was £59.95 Now from £49.99 inc VAT

Schockemohle Sports Cassie Style
A warm zipped hoody
Was £79.95 Now £45.95 inc VAT
Schockemohle Sports Martha
A warm quilted ladies vest
Was £89.95 Now £49.95 inc VAT

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