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Casablanca Polo Overgirth / Surcingle
Casablanca Polo Overgirth / Surcingle
Nylon and leather surcingle.
£55.00 inc VAT
Casablanca Skid BootsCasablanca Skid Boots
Casablanca Skid Boots
The Casablanca D3o Shock Absorbing Skid Boots.
from £140.00 inc VAT

Casablanca Face GuardCasablanca Face Guard
Casablanca Face Guard
Black plastic covered steel guard. Fits all helmets.
£68.25 inc VAT
Casablanca New Polo BootsCasablanca New Polo Boots
Casablanca New Polo Boots
New for 2016 Polo Boots!
£795.00 inc VAT

Casablanca Ladies Zipper Front Boots
Top quality hand made polo boots.
Was £581.00 Now £349.00 inc VAT
Casablanca Technical Polo JeansCasablanca Technical Polo Jeans
Casablanca Technical Polo Jeans
The newest in stretch denim technology, The Casablanca stretch whites are specially treated with anti-stain and water repellent coatings, they are made with heavy duty stretch denim with mercerized cotton which gives the whites extra strong fibres with a smooth luxurious finish. Designed for use on and off the pitch. A unique fit with features such as an angled coin pocket and a button-fly. Sizes:26"...
£179.55 inc VAT

Casablanca Polo Gloves
Casablanca Polo Gloves
Technical Polo Gloves
£73.50 inc VAT
Casablanca Kit Bag
£160.00 inc VAT

Casablanca Boot BagCasablanca Boot Bag
£120.00 inc VAT
Snow Polo BallsSnow Polo Balls
Snow Polo Balls
Snow Balls
£30.00 inc VAT

Casablanca Polo Knee PadsCasablanca Polo Knee Pads
Casablanca Polo Knee Pads
Casablanca Polo d3o knee guards. Made from smooth leather with double or triple velcro fastening straps. Available in small, double or triple straps. Black or Brown
from £199.99 inc VAT
Casablanca Replacement Knee Pad Velcro
Casablanca Replacement Knee Pad Velcro
Casablanca replacement kneepad velcro strap. Made in dark brown leather or Black.
£16.80 inc VAT

Casablanca Polo Whip - Leather Grip / CapCasablanca Polo Whip - Leather Grip / Cap
Casablanca Polo Whip - Leather Grip / Cap
Casablancaleather grip Polo whip. Strong whip made from a shaft covered with nylon. The grip is manufactured from Argentine leather, with a leather cap. Please note: Colours vary and we cannot guarantee colours shown in picture will be available at time of ordering. Whips will be sent in colours which are in stock unless you specify a particular colour choice in the comments box when ordering.
£52.50 inc VAT
Casablanca Polo Whip - Leather Grip / Metal CapCasablanca Polo Whip - Leather Grip / Metal Cap
£63.00 inc VAT

Casablanca Hard Shell Elbow PadsCasablanca Hard Shell Elbow Pads
Casablanca Hard Shell Elbow Pads
New Hard Shell Protection
£204.75 inc VAT
Casablanca Polo Socks
Casablanca Polo Socks
Introducing Casablanca's new Compress Polo Socks. Specially designed to increase your on field performance and to prevent common injuries. Features: . Improves athletic performance and endurance by reducing muscle vibration . Graduated compression reduces the build up of lactic acid, helping the muscle to recover faster . Provides relief from feeling tired and aching legs . Improves blood circulation...
£36.75 inc VAT

Casablanca Polo Wrist Bands
Casablanca Polo Wrist Bands
Increase your on-field performance by using our new Casablanca Polo Wrist Bands. Manufactured with a uniquely balance combination of cotton, nylon, and spandex for a maximum transpiration absorbency and extra support for your wrist. Sold as a pair.
£15.75 inc VAT