HUSK La Irenita Horse Sport Boot II (pair)HUSK La Irenita Horse Sport Boot II (pair)
HUSK La Irenita Horse Sport Boot II (pair)
The Ultimate Perforrmance Polo Boots #LIBERATEPERFORMANCE 
£98.00 inc VAT
Berney Brothers Polo SaddleBerney Brothers Polo Saddle
Berney Brothers Polo Saddle
Dynamic light weight polo saddle.
from £950.00 inc VAT


When it comes to possibly the most important piece of tack for your horse, Tally Ho Farm has got you covered. Not only is a saddle the point of contact between you and your horse, it also ensures you always have a smooth, comfortable and exhilarating ride.

What makes a Polo Saddle unique?

When it comes to Polo saddles, extra care has been taken in the design and manufacturing stages to ensure that they are comfortable for the horse with the use of extra-soft materials. Furthermore, as well as ensuring the horse is happy, these saddles will help to improve the performance of the player too, by providing optimal positioning for increased performance on the field.

For extra comfort when you are riding, be sure to check out our extensive range of numnahs and saddle pads.