NAF Cherry Treats
£4.20 (VAT exempt)
Silvermoore TreatsiesSilvermoore Treatsies
Must Have
Silvermoore Treatsies
Low in Starch, Low in Sugar, High in fibre
from £3.75 (VAT exempt)

KM Elite Orchard Treats
KM Elite Orchard Treats
New Apple Treats!
£4.85 (VAT exempt)
Likit Boredom Breaker
Likit Boredom Breaker
A combination toy that includes a Likit Holder attached to a robust ball that has inserts for two Little Likits. This unbeatable toy will keep your horse active for many hours. Available in three attractive colours, red, blue, and ever popular glitter pink. For best results hang in the stable away from walls.
£33.95 inc VAT

Likit Boredom BusterLikit Boredom Buster
Likit Boredom Buster
Likit Holder
£23.95 inc VAT
Likit Holder
Likit Holder
The easiest way to start using Likits. This high quality robust plastic toy includes an attractive lead rope and Likit. For best results hang in the stable away from walls. An exciting new flavour to the Likit range, the Cherry Likit Holder is accompanied by two colourful pink glitter spacers and a jazzy nylon rope.
£12.60 inc VAT

Likit Little Likits
Likit Little Likits
Horse Treats!
£2.55 (VAT exempt)
Likit Snak-a-Ball
Likit Snak-a-Ball
Make feeding time fun and get your horse to work for its food. Ideal for the horse that eats its pellets too quickly. The Snak-a-Ball stimulates a natural grazing behaviour which is beneficial to your horses digestion. The Snak-a-Ball is made from heavy duty robust plastic for use in the stable and paddock. For best results use with pelleted feed only. Please note: Colours vary and may not be as shown...
£35.40 inc VAT

Maintenance MixMaintenance Mix
Maintenance Mix
Maintenance Mix for the equine.
Baileys Digest Plus
Baileys Digest Plus
A food source for beneficial bacteria to promote gut efficiency.
£18.75 (VAT exempt)

Baileys Tasty Treats
Baileys Tasty Treats
Great treats from a great feed company that know horses.
£9.75 (VAT exempt)
Bruised OatsBruised Oats
Bruised Oats
Bruised oats from the Highclere Estate

Competition MixCompetition Mix
Competition Mix
The perfect mix to sustain any horse building up to or taking part in constant uninterrupted work.
Conditioning CubesConditioning Cubes
Conditioning Cubes
Non heating formula that will improve any horse that requires condition.

Conditioning MixConditioning Mix
Conditioning Mix
High level Conditioning Mix that works fast
Equine CubesEquine Cubes
Equine Cubes
Premium Equine cube.

Tasty likkit to help with boredom.
£3.05 (VAT exempt)
Maintenance CubesMaintenance Cubes
Maintenance Cubes
Maintenance cube for Horse and Pony.

Polo MixPolo Mix
Polo Mix
The number one Polo Mix. Proven track record in every uk and European major Polo tournament.
Super Tasty Herb Sticks
Super Tasty Herb Sticks
Great treat for your horse or pony.
£3.95 (VAT exempt)

Ultimate Treats 4KG
Ultimate Treats 4KG
The alternative heathier treat to feed daily. 
£7.25 (VAT exempt)
Vintage Horse MixVintage Horse Mix
Vintage Horse Mix
The perfect feed for the older horse.