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Fancy Feeds Layers PelletsFancy Feeds Layers Pellets
Fancy Feeds Layers Pellets
Ideal for free-ranging and penned birds alike, Layers' Pellets are formulated to provide a complete balanced diet for all types of adult and laying poultry, ducks, geese and bantams. Essential nutrients to promote good health and well-being in the bird as well as supporting egg production. Quality protein with essential amino acids for tissue and feather production and egg development. Micronised...
£5.50 (VAT exempt)
Fancy Feeds Mixed CornFancy Feeds Mixed Corn
Fancy Feeds Mixed Corn
Mixed Corn is an appetising blend of English wheat and cut maize which can be fed to all kinds of poultry, waterfowl and bantams to complement a fully balanced diet of pellets or mash. Ideally fed as a treat in the afternoon, Mixed Corn provides carbohydrate and fibre calories which are digested by the bird overnight. This helps maintain body temperature which is particularly beneficial during...
£5.50 (VAT exempt)